AquaReg helps water solution providers map the challenges they solve – and the incentives to solve them.

This enables our clients to focus their go-to-market effort on the customers with the biggest need. We do this by harnessing the power of big data, especially environmental regulation and satellite imagery. In a nutshell, we provide data-driven go-to-market advisory for sustainable solutions.
Are you looking to understand the market for your solution better?

Use cases

Mapping water and wastewater regulation

Industries, utilities and people across the world are subject to a range of water and wastewater regulations.

Thresholds values, surcharges and specific demands vary enormously between different geographies – at AquaReg we help you get an overview and thoroughly map the most relevant markets.

Mapping water challenges using satellite images

Satellite images coupled with neural networks can be used to map everything from industrial tanks to water reservoirs – which in turn can be used as proxies to map wastewater volumes, estimate evaporation and more – we help you utilize this rich data source to map the physical aspect of the challenges you are solving.

Using big data to support your go-to-market strategy

We leverage data on water prices, online databases, topographic maps, weather data, open street maps and more to map the factors that drive demand for your solution – to help you focus your attention on the customers with the biggest need.

About us

AquaReg was founded in 2021 on the premise that a thorough understanding of environmental challenges makes them much easier to solve. We provide data-driven go-to-market advisory for green solutions.

Meet the team

Søren Schou, CEO & Founder
Danila Valeriano, Junior Analyst

Kjær Andreasen, Senior Advisor

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