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AquaReg helps wastewater solution providers find the customers with the biggest need.

AquaReg maintains a database of 120,000+ industrial sites in Europe and North America – we know the sites, who owns them and which compounds they discharge. We also have data on the site-specific permits and wastewater fees. This enables our clients to focus their go-to-market effort on the customers with the biggest need. In a nutshell, we provide data-driven market intelligence for wastewater solutions.
Are you looking to understand the market for your solution better?

About us

AquaReg was founded in 2021 on the premise that a thorough understanding of environmental challenges makes them much easier to solve. We provide data-driven go-to-market advisory for green solutions.

Meet the team

Søren Schou

CEO & Founder

Matheus Valentim

Data Scientist

Erik Østergaard Madsen

Senior Advisor (IT)

Kjær Andreasen

Senior Advisor (Waste water)

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